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Airtight Bridge

The legacy of an unsolved, gruesome murder rests beneath the spans of this historic bridge.

By all obvious appearances it is a quiet, metal bridge over the modest Embarras River. Listed on the National Register of Historical places it is just the sort of peaceful, bucolic spot one might imagine in rural Coles County, Illinois. But this bridge has a dark secret.

Known as the “Airtight” bridge because of an “unnatural stillness” encountered while crossing it, the most disturbance this bridge saw was when it was used by local teens as a drinking spot.

But on October 19, 1980 a gruesome discovery was made. Missing head, hands, and feet, a woman’s body was found floating near the bridge. Using scuba divers to look for clues and appendages, little was found and the woman’s identity was impossible to determine.

Laid to rest in the Charleston Mound Cemetery under the name “Jane Doe”, strangers who remembered the case occasionally traveled to her grave and left flowers or other tokens of their sympathy.

There was eventually a break in the case. In 1992 the identity of the victim was determined using DNA analysis. Diana Marie Riordan-Small disappeared from her Illinois home over a 100 miles away and had never been heard from again. Determined as the Jane Doe the headstone was replaced. Who committed the ghastly crime is still a mystery.

Research thanks to Micheal at True Illinois Haunts

Sailing stones of the Racetrack Playa

There is something utterly magical about the sailing stones of the Racetrack Playa in Death Valley California. Scattered about the desert are large rocks with mysterious trails left behind them. The trails show that these rocks have rolled and zig-zagged across the ground, sometimes for as long as 860 feet. Yet no one has ever seen the stones actually move. The trails last for years before fading, so it is almost impossible to predict when the stones will move or how fast they move.

Alcatraz Opens Wards

The hospital opened along with the Alcatraz prison in 1934, although medical facilities on the island date back to the 19th century when it housed an army fort. With an operating room, psychiatric cells, wards with beds, and other resources, a general practitioner and visiting surgeons and specialists gave regular care to the maximum security prisoners, without risking their escape. Medical care was one of only four basic rights [along with food, clothing, and shelter] granted to prisoners at the Alcatraz penitentiary. Inmates exercised their right at sick call: every day after lunch, prisoners could line up to ask to be taken to the Hospital upstairs from the Dining Hall. One former officer claimed that as many as 10 percent of inmates would appear in the sick line on a given day, either suffering from genuine illness or hoping for an escape from regular life in the cellblock.

Both Al Capone (wrecked by syphilis) and Robert Stroud, the “Birdman of Alcatraz,” spent significant amounts of time in the hospital, but most inmates just got the basics like dental work and only minor surgery. Still, like the rest of the defunct prison, it holds a heavy, isolated feeling to it. Ai Weiwei’s installation has porcelain flowers crowding in the hospital sinks and bathtubs, and a recording of Hopi and Buddhist chants filling the psychiatric cells. The delicate interventions are some of the quietest of his exhibition, resonating in a haunting way with the crumbling walls and worn medical equipment of the space.

By kind permission of atlasobscura.com

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

Particularly creepy abandoned asylum which sparks interest with the morbid and the ghost hunters

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum operated from 1864 to 1994.
Famous for its looming structure, it was built using the Kirkbride design – a design common to asylums of the early 19th century. Alienated by reports of patient abuse and subsequent paranormal activity, much of the asylum remains closed off to the general public. However, a tour group holds nightly ghost hunts for those searching for tortured spirits who have yet to escape.

by kind permission of atlasobscura.com

Google Earth

There are loads of places object that are missing (blurred) from Google Earth , some because of a Military nature . Some area’s that are privately owned, but the face of KFC Colonel Sanders ? on every sign is blurred ! why we can solve this one … he was a real person and Google cannot show persons alive or dead .

Danvers State Hospital

141_Danvers Hospital

Danvers State Hospital for the Criminally Insane opened in 1878 to serve some 600 mental patients under its imposing gothic spires. While it was built with a surprisingly caring and modern attitude toward the mentally ill, by the 1930s the site was crowded, falling into disrepair, and was using shock therapies and lobotomies on a regular basis.

Any Idea?

Any idea what this could be, the house where this picture was taken was the subject of an hanging a few years ago. there is no open roof so it cannot be a light shining from it. The curtains were closed and shortly afterwards the hoover blew up .


Houdini’s Grave

Nestled in the belt of cemeteries that rambles across Queens is the grave of Harry Houdini, the great escape artist and illusionist.

Houdini died at the age of 52 on Halloween of 1926, following punches to the stomach by a McGill University student who demanded of Houdini if the legends were true of his steel abdomen, but didn’t give Houdini time to prepare for impact. This combined with untreated appendicitis doomed Houdini, and he died in the arms of his wife, Bess.

Shadow People Living Shadows Amongst Us

Alone in your room, minding your own business, a quick movement in the corner of your eye suddenly comes into view. You’re sure that it was a shape of a person you just saw. You feel the presence of something you think was once human. Was it just a silhouette? A shadow perhaps? Or maybe a ghost? You think it’s nonentity but think again, is it your keen mind playing tricks on you? Or is it a supernatural entity?

Lake Retba

source www.flikr.com

Evoking visions of Candyland fantasies, the princess pink waters of Lake Retba are deceptively inviting. White beaches and sandy dunes call to tourists, film crews and even play host to the finish line of the Dakar Rally. As tempting as it appears, despite its popularity and the fact that you will often see people wading through the pink waves, Lake Retba is not the friendliest of waters, and that white sand is mostly salt.

Also known as “Lac Rose”, this unique lake lies just north of the Cap Vert Peninsula of Senegal, northeast of Dakar. Its salt content rivals that of the Dead Sea, which makes for increased human buoyancy, as well as a busy salt industry. Salt collectors arrive daily at the lake, covered in shea butter to protect their skin from the harsh salinity, and spend 7 hours a day collecting the precious mineral from the lakebed.

The water in Lake Retba constantly changes hues, but the most stunning pink shade appears during the dry season. The salt-loving micro-organism Dunaliella salina combined with high a mineral concentration and the intensity of the summer sun are the producers of the cotton candy-colored water. With the salt levels reaching up to 40%, the lake can sometimes take a more sinister shade, appearing blood red, a much less comforting place for your imagination to go when gazing out upon the surreal view.

Copied ny kind permission of atlasobscura.com

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