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Voynich Manuscript part 2

Content of the Voynich Manuscript The Voynich manuscript has lots of vellum pages composed into 20 paper quires. A few of the pages of the Voynich manuscript have strange fold-out outlines, hence relying how its fold-outs are calculated, there are more or less 240 total pages. The upper right-hand part of every recto page (right-hand) […]

The Voynich manuscript part one

The Voynich manuscript, considered as the strangest manuscript all over the world, is a masterpiece from the 15th century, perhaps from the northern Italy. The Voynich manuscript derived its name from the person who bought it in the early 1912, Wilfrid Voynich.

Billy the Kid

Did Pat Garrett Really Kill Billy the Kid? The story of Billy The Kid remains one of the more popular from the Wild West period of history in the United States, with many outlaws and bandits achieving folk hero status due to their wild and uncompromising ways as well as a love of gambling and […]

TWA Flight 260 Crash Site

In a secluded canyon tucked into Sandia Peak above Albuquerque, New Mexico, a sign and wreckage commemorate the 1955 crash of Trans World Airlines Flight 260. The flight, a Martin 4-0-4, left Albuquerque airport on February 19 at 7:00 a.m. en route to Santa Fe. Ten minutes later, the plane crashed into Sandia Peak, killing […]

The Dreaded El Chupacabras That Suck Blood and Mutilate Goats

One of the most frightening creatures of Crypto zoology today is the El Chupacabras, first sighted in Mexico in the city of Puerto Rico. They have also been sighted in Latin American community but just like the originality of other such monsters the question of their existence remains a mystery. Though people are afraid of […]

Mothman – Unsolved Mystery

The first sighting of The Mothman dates back to 1966, a strange creature like a man having wings, had been seen in the West Virginia area of America. Coined by an Ohio newspaper, the creature was named Mothman due to its large wing like structures, with no head and eyes sunken into the chest.

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