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UFO Abduction Stories

  One of the most often asked question these days is “Are we alone here?” This question is being carried on from many centuries now. The technological advancement has brought in change in our vision about the universe. Now people have started believing that there are high chances of another intelligent life in space. Recent […]

UK UFO sightings ‘double’ in a single year

Officials have admitted the number of UFO sightings more than doubled last year – including one spotted hovering over Parliament. A total of 285 unidentified flying objects were reported to the Ministry Of Defence in 2008, compared to just 135 in 2007, according to official documents. The reports include a mystery craft spotted hovering opposite […]

Did Australians see something we didnt?

In western Australia during the live broadcast of the Apollo 11 moon landing, several people saw a very unusual occurrence. One viewer, Una Ronald watched the telecast and was astonished with what she saw. [wp_campaign_1] The residents of Honeysuckle Creek, Australia, actually saw a different broadcast to the rest of the World. Just shortly before […]

The Mysterious Rods

Since 1994 strange serpent-like creatures have been captured on film flying through our skies. Are these so-called ‘Rods’ of ET origin or a new form of terrestrial life? [wp_campaign_1] After hearing of numerous UFO sightings in his local area of Monterrey, Mexico, a man called Santiago Ytturia

Chemtrails Explained

ChemT Chemtrails are a new phenomena which has struck all over the world. It seems that the government are using planes to spray populated areas with a chemical solution, which can make people very sick, but why??. Normal contrails usually dissipate very rapidly, are of relatively short length, and show variability in their formation from […]

Story Behind UFOs

We have all probably watched a film on the television, or a series where someone is abducted by aliens. We laugh , but then when we look deeper into it, we begin to realize that maybe this is not actually comedy, but based on events that have really happened.

Governments Releasing UFO files

Governments Releasing UFO files (related video: (related image: Many of the world governments have in the recent months and years taken the interesting step of releasing once highly classified documents to public domain.

UFO Abduction and Alien Fetus from Italy

There is a story emerging from Italy recently about a young women who has claimed that since being 4 years old she has been abducted several times by Aliens. What is more interesting is the amount of physical proof that is on her body, she has marks that I can only describe as puncture wounds […]

Unsolved Mystery of the Phoenix Lights

phoenix lights

It was March 1997 and the time was between 7:30 PM and 10:30 PM when the skies above the cities of Phoenix, Tucson and Nevada were lit up by some lights in the sky. Thousands of people reported in claiming that they saw the lights which formed a triangle in the sky. The lights spread […]

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