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Local legend has it that an old

Local legend has it that an old, decaying staircase outside this cemetery is haunted by dozens of ghosts According to local legend, the staircase at the Greenwood Cemetery in Spokane, Washington, is more than just a little haunted. If you walk up the stairs without any lights on, the story goes, you will see the […]

Burke & Hare Murder Dolls

[wp_campaign_1] Just a few years after the “Anatomy Murderers” Burke and Hare were apprehended in Edinburgh, two boys discovered these tiny dolls, each nested into a miniature coffin hidden away in the city park. At first theories on the dolls significance ranged from witchcraft to child’s toys, but eventually it began to seem that the […]

The Flayed Man

His cousin painted nubile beauties in flirtatious poses. He skinned, preserved, and posed dead bodies. Honore Fragonard was not normal, by anyone’s definition. He was a gifted anatomist,

Severed Head

There are many stories of severed heads surviving for minutes after an execution, but only one headless body that stood up and took a stroll – on this very day 610 years ago.

Mystery Of The Bullet Trick

On the evening of March 23, 1918, the famous Chinese illusionist Chung Ling Soo shocked his audience when he suddenly called out in perfect English “Oh my God. Something’s happened. Lower the curtain.” Chung Ling Soo also known as William Ellsworth Robinson died the following day from the bullet wound he received on stage during a […]


The Marafa Depression, also known as Hell’s Kitchen, is an odd sandstone canyon outside of Malindi, Kenya. Known locally as Nyari – “the place broken by itself” – it was once a great sandstone ridge worn by wind, rain, and floods into a series of jagged gorges

Devils Sinkhole

A sacred cavern, 400 feet deep, home to the ancient dead [wp_campaign_1] “The name, Devil’s Sinkhole, aptly connotes the dark depths and other-worldliness of a vast vertical chasm in the limestone bedrock on the far western reaches of the Edwards Plateau” states the website Texas Beyond History.

Abandoned City Of Kayakoy

The deserted ruins of this once-bustling town are nestled against the Taurus Mountains, close to the world-famous beaches and yacht-filled harbor at Olu Deniz. Although the stone buildings are roofless and weathered and the narrow streets worn with age, this is not an ancient city, but a modern ruin deserted for political reasons in the […]


The Kyoto suburbs creep around a grassy mound of earth crowned with a stone memorial, below which are buried tens of thousands of sliced off noses and ears, the grisly trophies of a savage 16th century war. Led by Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Japan’s invasions of Korea from 1592 to 1598 were part of Hideyoshi’s failed quest […]

A Syberian Mystery

On June 30th 1908, there was an explosion in central Siberia. That fact alone may not seem particularly remarkable, but when other aspects of the explosion are taken into consideration, you may wonder how an event so big on a global scale could remain a total mystery, even to this day. Even the bombing of […]

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