Shadow People Living Shadows Amongst Us

Alone in your room, minding your own business, a quick movement in the corner of your eye suddenly comes into view. You’re sure that it was a shape of a person you just saw. You feel the presence of something you think was once human. Was it just a silhouette? A shadow perhaps? Or maybe a ghost? You think it’s nonentity but think again, is it your keen mind playing tricks on you? Or is it a supernatural entity?

Shadow like beings appearing in dark forms of silhouettes and are supernatural in origin are the Shadow people. Often times mistaken to be ghosts, these beings appear in the corner of people’s eyes, remaining for a moment and sometimes moving between the walls, appearing in mirrors and when we are aware of them, they disappear, they flee and disintegrate into nothingness, moving and toddling through walls before you get a chance to see them clearly.

Also known as Shadow Beings or Shadow Folk, Shadow People are drawn to one person or location for mysterious motives. Their characteristics range from being diffident and playful to downright spiteful and malevolent. The only way to describe it is pure evil. Unusual descriptions of people who came across these beings, in different countries all over the world, have been very daunting. While some people see a shadowy form which is human like, others see formless translucent black splotches and twirling columns of murky smoke.

Shadow People are said to travel extremely rapid and can toddle through solid matter, making them less prone to direct visual contact. They are reported to vanish before having a chance to be seen evidently. People who encounter these creatures come upon the feeling of dread, shock and panic. Some people even reported being attacked and chased by these horrifying shadows. They claim to feel a being in the presence of something that was once amongst us, once human. Substantiation of these creatures appeared before mankind throughout history and therefore unfolding the ultimate essence of pure evil. An increase in reported detection of these beings all around the world are accounted for. More and more people stumble upon these dark shadows of unknown nature.

Shadow people are often times mistaken to be ghosts, but the truth of the matter is they are totally different. Ghosts are said to be ethereal spirits of dead human beings and take on the manifestation and attributes of human beings none of which is familiar to that of the Shadow people. Shadow people do have human-like forms but do not bear similarity to any person, dead or alive. Many records depict Shadow people as having human-like figures, but they are by and large not told to bear a resemblance to the actual persons, alive or departed. Shadow people do not correspond to people in words but they leave feelings of extreme trepidation, shock and panic. Even animals stumble upon these beings. Fear and hostility are the main outcome to these encounters. So the next time you see something at the side of your eye, don’t be surprised if it may just happen to jump right at you and give you the oddest surprise of your life.

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