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We have a collection of articles, reports and stories of the worlds unsolved mysteries, conspiracies and paranormal phenomena.

Waverly Hills Sanatorium

waverly hills

The Waverly Hills Sanatorium is an abandoned hospital building that had been built around the year 1924-1926 when America was ravaged by the deadly tuberculosis. Built in the southern Jefferson County the hospital soon became overcrowded as there were loads of patients coming in. Although the hospital was considered the most advanced sanatorium for tuberculosis in those days, the absence of any sure shot cure led to the death of innumerable patients.

Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle

One of the mysteries that are still unsolved is that of the Bermuda Triangle. The term first coined by a magazine, the area referred to as the Bermuda Triangle is an area in the Atlantic Ocean. The area roughly forms a triangle from Florida to Puerto Rico then to Bermuda and back to Miami. The area is mysterious as there are claims that many ships and airplanes have disappeared forever, while crossing the area.

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