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Mothman – Unsolved Mystery

The first sighting of The Mothman dates back to 1966, a strange creature like a man having wings, had been seen in the West Virginia area of America. Coined by an Ohio newspaper, the creature was named Mothman due to its large wing like structures, with no head and eyes sunken into the chest.

The Jersey Devil Mysteries


The mystery of Jersey Devil dates back to the year 1735 and is confined to the Pine Barrens of Jersey which was then a swampy, rugged wasteland having vast forests. As the legends have it, the Jersey Devil was a strange creature that had a reptilian body, bat wings, a horse‚Äôs head and long, forked […]

Bigfoot – Real or Not?


For more than some 400 years, there have been claims that there is a creature, larger than humans, in the wooded areas of North America. People have reported that when walking in the woods there is a feeling of being watched and followed, although no known instances of attacks on humans have been reporte, but […]

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