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Haunted Alcatraz


Nicknamed as the “Rock”, Alcatraz is the famous American prison that kept the notorious criminals like Al Capone, Machine Gun Kelly and Alvin Karpis and many others away from the civilized world. The history of the prison dates back to 1850 when military prisoners were first brought to the island. The prison was considered the […]

Mothman – Unsolved Mystery

The first sighting of The Mothman dates back to 1966, a strange creature like a man having wings, had been seen in the West Virginia area of America. Coined by an Ohio newspaper, the creature was named Mothman due to its large wing like structures, with no head and eyes sunken into the chest.

The Amityville Horror


The Amityville Horror is a bestseller of the 1970s which after taking the nation by storm has been adapted into films. The story is based upon a house at the 112 Ocean Avenue where in the year 1974, six out of the seven members of a family were found murdered. One of the sons’ of […]

The Jersey Devil Mysteries


The mystery of Jersey Devil dates back to the year 1735 and is confined to the Pine Barrens of Jersey which was then a swampy, rugged wasteland having vast forests. As the legends have it, the Jersey Devil was a strange creature that had a reptilian body, bat wings, a horse’s head and long, forked […]

Doppelgängers – Fact or Fiction

Doppelgänger as a term refers to “double walker” which means a shadow of oneself that accompanies every person. As traditional lore point out, these doppelgängers are usually visible to the person himself and occasionally it may be visible to friends and family resulting in being present at two locations and causing confusion.

Unsolved Mystery of the Phoenix Lights

phoenix lights

It was March 1997 and the time was between 7:30 PM and 10:30 PM when the skies above the cities of Phoenix, Tucson and Nevada were lit up by some lights in the sky. Thousands of people reported in claiming that they saw the lights which formed a triangle in the sky. The lights spread […]

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